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Inoculation and Mental Processing: The Instrumental Role of Associative Networks in the Process of Resistance to Counterattitudinal Influence
This investigation introduced the concept of associative networks to the resistance domain. A four-phase experiment was conducted involving 298 participants. The results confirmed the role of knownExpand
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Boosting the Potency of Resistance: Combining the Motivational Forces of Inoculation and Psychological Reactance.
The efficacy of inoculation theory has been confirmed by decades of empirical research, yet optimizing its effectiveness remains a vibrant line of investigation. The present research turns toExpand
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Inoculation's Efficacy With Young Adults' Risky Behaviors: Can Inoculation Confer Cross-Protection Over Related but Untreated Issues?
This investigation examined the potential of inoculation to protect young adults' attitudes from pressures to engage in risky behaviors (unprotected sex and binge drinking) as well as inoculation'sExpand
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Untangling Threat during Inoculation-Conferred Resistance to Influence
Threat plays a pivotal role in many theoretical explanations for how inoculation confers resistance, but some empirical data raise questions about threat's role in inoculation. Our study exploresExpand
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Effects of Postinoculation Talk on Resistance to Influence
Contemporary inoculation scholarship has focused on the process of resistance to persuasion, and recently begun to examine various incidental effects that may accompany inoculation treatments. ThisExpand
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The Attitude Base as a Moderator of the Effectiveness of Inoculation Strategy
This investigation introduced the attitude base (cognitive or affective) as a moderator in the resistance domain and effectively partitioned the role of affect from cognition by properly delineatingExpand
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Can Inoculation Withstand Multiple Attacks?
This investigation introduced multiple competitive attacks in order to assess the effectiveness of inoculation treatments in protecting established attitudes in a natural setting. Expand
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Enhancing Inoculation: Examining the Relationships among Attack Certainty, Threat and Resistance
This investigation explored the potential for enhancing the potency of inoculation’s strategy by examining the relationships among the certainty of the attack, threat, and resistance. Using differentExpand
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