Bobby Schulz

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Lateral diffusion of three different dye molecules (terrylene and two perylene diimides) in 4 to 225 nm thin films of 8CB liquid crystals in the smectic-A phase has been investigated on a single molecule level. The influence of film thickness on tracer diffusion can be qualitatively modeled by a hydrodynamic approach. Molecular tracking experiments as well(More)
Throughout the wide range of aerial robot related applications, selecting a particular airframe is often a trade-off. Fixed-wing small-scale unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) typically have difficulty surveying at low altitudes while quadrotor UAVs, having more maneuverability, suffer from limited flight time. Recent prior work [1] proposes a solar-powered(More)
Aerial robotic platforms are an increasingly sought-after solution for a variety of sensing, monitoring, and transportation challenges. However, as invaluable as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been for these applications, fixed-wing and multi-rotor systems each have individual limitations. Fixed-wing UAVs are generally capable of high-altitude(More)
According to the unified scheme, AGN are surrounded by a dust-torus, and the observed diversity of AGN properties results from the different orientations relative to our line of sight. The strong resonance of silicate dust at 10 μm is therefore, as expected, seen in absorption towards many type-2 AGN. In type-1 AGN, it should be seen in emission because the(More)
We have carried out broad band photometry of the interacting galaxy system NGC 6090 from 3.6 to 200 m using ISOPHOT. This is complemented by a low resolution spectrum in the wavelength range 2.5-11.5 m: The IR spectral energy distribution of a starburst galaxy is shown with unprecedented detail. From our Far Infrared measurements we can demonstrate that the(More)
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