Bobby L. Shields

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This correspondence presents a prototype of a powered hand exoskeleton that is designed to fit over the gloved hand of an astronaut and offset the stiffness of the pressurized space suit. This will keep the productive time spent in extravehicular activity from being constrained by hand fatigue. The exoskeleton has a three-finger design, the third and fourth(More)
A methodology is proposed for the control of switching systems characterized by linear system dynamics with a time delay in the input channel. The method incorporates a state predictor that at each switching period determines the effect that the next control input will have on the future output of the system, and chooses the input that will take the system(More)
This work presents a model-based predictive control methodology applicable to systems with discrete input values (on/off) subject to a pure time delay. Specifically, the goal of this work is to develop a controller that will track a desired pressure for a monopropellant-powered pneumatic system with binary on/off input valves. The pneumatic actuator is(More)
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