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An Assessment of Short-Acting Hypnotics
SummaryInsomnia, the experience of poor quality or quantity of sleep, is a very common complaint. Approximately 65 million adults (36% of the American population) complain of poor sleep, and of thisExpand
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Comment on the Recent Publication in The New England Journal of Medicine : Trends in Mental Health Care among Children and Adolescents (Olfson et al., 2015)
The recently published by Olfsen et al. in “The New England journal of Medicine” manuscript describes increased proportion of youths receiving outpatient mental health service for mental healthExpand
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NASA Interactive Forms Type Interface - NIFTI
A flexible database query, update, modify, and delete tool was developed that provides an easy interface to Oracle forms. Expand
Ontogeny and programming of the fetal temporal cortical endocannabinoid system by moderate maternal nutrient reduction in baboons (Papio spp.)
Poor nutrition during pregnancy is a worldwide public health problem. Maternal nutrient reduction (MNR) is associated with maternal and fetal stress and a sex‐dependent decrease in nonhuman primateExpand