Bobby George

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The use of stem cells as medicines is a promising and upcoming area of research as they may be able to help the body to regenerate damaged or lost tissue in a host of diseases like Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, liver disease, spinal cord damage, cancer and many more. Translating basic stem cell research into routine therapies is a complex(More)
A clinical trial registry (CTR) is an official platform for registering a clinical trial (CT) with an objective of providing increased transparency and access to CTs to the public at large. Clinical Trials Registry - India (CTRI) is a free online public record system for registration of CTs being conducted in India. The vision of the CTRI is to ensure that(More)
BACKGROUND Exposure to welding fume increases the risk of pneumococcal infection; whether such susceptibility extends to other respiratory infections is unclear. We report findings from a survey and from medical consultation data for workers in a large shipyard in the Middle East. METHODS Between January 2013 and December 2013, we collected(More)
Globally the medical device (MD) market has been growing quite rapidly over the past decade. The regulatory framework for pharmaceuticals and devices differ substantially. The regulatory authorities in different regions of the world recognize different classes of medical devices (MDs), based on their design complexity, their use characteristics, and their(More)
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