Bobby DeMarco

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Experiments directed towards the development of a quantum computer based on trapped atomic ions are described briefly. We discuss the implementation of single-qubit operations and gates between qubits. A geometric phase gate between two ion qubits is described. Limitations of the trapped-ion method such as those caused by Stark shifts and spontaneous(More)
Universal logic gates for two quantum bits (qubits) form an essential ingredient of quantum computation. Dynamical gates have been proposed in the context of trapped ions; however, geometric phase gates (which change only the phase of the physical qubits) offer potential practical advantages because they have higher intrinsic resistance to certain small(More)
We demonstrate experimentally a robust quantum memory using a magnetic-field-independent hyperfine transition in 9Be+ atomic ion qubits at a magnetic field B approximately = 0.01194 T. We observe that the single physical qubit memory coherence time is greater than 10 s, an improvement of approximately 5 orders of magnitude from previous experiments with(More)
We experimentally probe the properties of the disordered Bose-Hubbard model using an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate trapped in a 3D disordered optical lattice. Controllable disorder is introduced using a fine-grained optical speckle field with features comparable in size to the lattice spacing along every lattice direction. A precision measurement of the(More)
Using a single, harmonically trapped 9Be(+) ion, we experimentally demonstrate a technique for generation of arbitrary states of a two-level particle confined by a harmonic potential. Rather than engineering a single Hamiltonian that evolves the system to a desired final state, we implement a technique that applies a sequence of simple operations to(More)
We have measured independently both s-wave and p-wave cross-dimensional thermalization rates for ultracold 40K atoms held in a magnetic trap. These measurements reveal that this fermionic isotope has a large positive s-wave triplet scattering length in addition to a low temperature p-wave shape resonance. We have measured directly the p-wave threshold law(More)
We report the experimental demonstration of a controlled-NOT (CNOT) quantum logic gate between motional and internal-state qubits of a single ion where, as opposed to previously demonstrated gates, the conditional dynamics depends on the extent of the ion's wave packet. Advantages of this CNOT gate over one demonstrated previously are its immunity from(More)
We have experimentally investigated a spin excitation in a quantum degenerate Fermi gas of atoms. In the hydrodynamic regime the damping time of the collective excitation is used to probe the quantum behavior of the gas. At temperatures below the Fermi temperature we measure up to a factor of 2 reduction in the excitation damping time compared to the(More)