Bobby DeMarco

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PURPOSE To determine whether aqueous humor promotes cell death in cells involved in inflammatory responses. METHODS Multiple immune cell types, most characteristically involved in inflammatory responses, were incubated for 24, 48, and 72 hours in the presence or absence of 50% aqueous humor. Promotion of cell death was assayed by staining for an early(More)
We have produced an interacting quantum degenerate Fermi gas of atoms composed of two spin states of magnetically trapped 40K. The relative Fermi energies are adjusted by controlling the population in each spin state. Thermodynamic measurements reveal a resulting imbalance in the mean energy per particle between the two species, which is a factor of 1.4 at(More)
Climate change prompts warm-tolerant species upward and poleward to either displace or replace cold-tolerant species. Warm-tolerant species may replace cold-tolerant individuals with upward migration, or cold-tolerant genes if the species hybridize. We examined genetic and morphological differences between low elevation, warm-tolerant (Aphaenogaster rudis)(More)
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