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Unauthorized reverse-engineering of programs and algorithms is a major problem for the software industry. Reverse-engineers search for security holes in the program to exploit or try to steal competitors' vital algorithms. To discourage reverse-engineering, developers use a variety of static software protections to obfuscate their programs. Metamorphic(More)
In this article, we present the state of the art in today's nonmalicious software defense protections. We also present an overview of the tools and techniques that attackers use to defeat current defenses. Finally, we expound on some unorthodox approaches to defending software, including tactics that advanced malware currently uses to protect itself.
Detecting network intruders and malicious software is a significant problem for network administrators and security experts. New threats are emerging at an increasing rate, and current signature and statistics-based techniques are failing to keep pace. Intelligent systems that can adapt to new threats are needed to mitigate these new strains of malware as(More)
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