Bobby B. Najari

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Testicular varicocele, which is defined as the dilation of the veins draining the testicle, has long been associated with a detrimental effect on testicular function. Despite a lack of high-quality, prospective data, recent evidence has shed light on potential links between varicocele and male infertility and serum testosterone levels. Similarly, varicocele(More)
Varicocele is the most common correctible cause of male infertility and is present in 15% to 20% of the male population. Despite its prevalence, the pathophysiology of varicocele remains under investigation. One of the largest obstacles in studying varicocele is that it is almost exclusively found in humans. This has necessitated the creation of an animal(More)
Androgen deficiency is a pervasive problem in the older male population and is thought to be responsible for many symptoms once considered to be the result of normal aging. Numerous methods have been proposed to facilitate the detection of men at risk for androgen deficiency. In this article, we propose a novel screening tool, the quantitative Androgen(More)
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