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Four mouse monoclonal antibodies (mabs) were shown by immunoblotting procedures to recognize the major, basic, membrane-bound Mr 43,000 protein (43K protein) of acetylcholine receptor-rich postsynaptic membranes from Torpedo nobiliana . These mabs and a mab against an extracellular determinant on the acetylcholine receptor were used to localize the two(More)
The relationships between extracellular pH (pHo), intracellular pH (pHi), and loss of cell viability were evaluated in cultured rat hepatocytes after ATP depletion by metabolic inhibition with KCN and iodoacetate (chemical hypoxia). pHi was measured in single cells by ratio imaging of 2',7'-biscarboxy-ethyl-5,6-carboxyfluorescein (BCECF) fluorescence using(More)
There is no clear picture of the critical events that lead to the transition from reversible to irreversible injury. Many studies have suggested that a rise in cytosolic free Ca2+ initiates plasma membrane bleb formation and a sequence of events that lead ultimately to cell death. In recent studies, we have measured changes in cytosolic free Ca2+,(More)
Calcium dependence of bleb formation and cell death was evaluated in rat hepatocytes following ATP depletion by metabolic inhibition with KCN and iodoacetate ('chemical hypoxia'). Cytosolic free Ca2+ was measured in single cells by ratio imaging of Fura-2 fluorescence using multiparameter digitized video microscopy. Cells formed surface blebs within 10 to(More)
Two monoclonal antibodies (mabs) previously prepared against Torpedo acetylcholine receptor are shown to recognize a synthetic nonadecapeptide corresponding to lys360-glu377 of the gamma subunit. The reaction was demonstrated by solid-phase enzyme-linked immunoabsorbent assays, by inhibition of binding of the mabs to receptor, and by immunoprecipitation of(More)
The use of low-light-level video cameras and solid-state image detectors in conjunction with image digitizers for optical microscopy is increasing dramatically as more people learn about such systems, and as they become more powerful, less expensive, and easier to use. However, there is currently little information available allowing comparison between(More)
A method is described for immunoelectron microscopy of particulate subcellular fractions using polyvinyl chloride (soft) microculture wells as mechanical supports and reaction vessels. Appropriate quantities of particles are centrifuged onto the well bottoms, fixed and permeabilized if necessary, then labeled by standard procedures, fixed in glutaraldehyde(More)
Exposure of porcine vascular smooth muscle cells to platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF; 18-180 ng/ml) but not epidermal growth factor (EGF; 30 ng/ml), somatomedin C (SmC; 30 ng/ml), or insulin (10 microM), results in a rapid, reversible, time- and concentration-dependent disappearance of vinculin staining in adhesion plaques; actin-containing stress(More)
JPEG compression can be used on images for DNA ploidy analysis if careful consideration is given to the level of compression used for file storage. The amount of JPEG compression possible may vary depending on the type of tissue analyzed, however, a compromise may be reached for all types of tissue. JPEG compression should not go over a level of 70 for DNA(More)