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The effect of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection on cellular mRNA accumulation was analyzed by gene chip technology. During a 48-h time course after infection of human diploid fibroblasts, 1,425 cellular mRNAs were found to be up-regulated or down-regulated by threefold or greater in at least two consecutive time points. Several classes of genes were(More)
The structures of the colchicine (COL) analogues, 2,3,4-trimethoxy-4'-acetyl-1,1'-biphenyl (TKB)and 2,3,4,4'-tetramethoxy-1,1'-biphenyl (TMB), were solved by X-ray diffraction. Their comparison with the structure of colchicine indicated the ability of both compounds to enter into a colchicine binding pocket. Comparison of TKB with(More)
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