Bob Wetzel

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The nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLSE) is a central model of nonlinear science, applying to hydrodynamics, plasma physics, molecular biology and optics. The NLSE admits only few elementary analytic solutions, but one in particular describing a localized soliton on a finite background is of intense current interest in the context of understanding the(More)
The ability to measure real-time fluctuations of ultrashort pulses propagating in optical fiber has provided significant insights into fundamental dynamical effects such as modulation instability and the formation of frequency-shifting rogue wave solitons. We report here a detailed study of real-time fluctuations across the full bandwidth of a fiber(More)
It has long been known that the presence of ceramic nanoparticles in a polymer improves the mechanical and tribological properties of the polymer. The particles size, morphology, surface treatment, amount and the dispersion homogeneity within the matrix strongly influence the nano-composite performance. The study performed focused on the systematic(More)
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