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We have purified to homogeneity a 15 kDa-protein from a ribosomal salt extract of Escherichia coli that compensates in vitro a defect of SecA but not of SecB. Removal of this protein from a cell-free transcription/translation system impairs translocation into plasma membrane vesicles of the precursors of LamB and to a lesser degree also of OmpA. These(More)
Skp of Escherichia coli (OmpH of Salmonella typhimurium) is a protein whose precise function has been obscured by its ubiquity in a wide range of subcellular fractions such as those containing DNA, ribosomes, and outer membranes. Combining in vitro and in vivo techniques we show that Skp is synthesized as a larger precursor that is processed upon(More)
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