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A continuous-time system that converts its analog input to a continuous-time digital representation without sampling, then processes the information digitally without the aid of a clock, is presented. Without sampling there is no aliasing, which reduces the in-band distortion power by not aliasing into band out-of-band distortion components. The 8-bit(More)
A low-energy delay element based on a thyristor-like circuit is proposed that is suitable for concatenation in dense arrays in order to delay narrowly spaced burst timing information with accompanying data bits. Handshaking is built into the cell to ensure no information is lost. There is no static power dissipation aside from leakage and the energy(More)
Continuous-time digital signal processors avoid sampling, and thus do not suffer from aliasing of the signal, or of aliasing down of out-of-band distortion components, arising from quantization, into the band of interest. The reduction of in-band distortion is derived analytically for certain symmetric inputs and is discussed for input processes with a(More)
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