Bob P. Weems

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A stable matching for an instance of the stable marriages problem or the stable roommates problem is bistable if it is also a stable matching when the ordering of the input preference lists is reversed. For the stable marriages problem, it is shown that the bistable matchings are a sublattice of the distributive lattice of stable matchings. In addition, the(More)
In the original N-grid model for group authorization, subject groups, object groups, and access right groups are organized in partial orders based on the semantics of authorizations. The n-dimension grid encoding using the dimension theory of partial orders allows top-down incremental change of partial orders without changing their encoded representations.(More)
We have previously developed several algorithms which deal with different input sequence scenarios respectively. In this paper, another sequential algorithm for computing Longest Common Increasing Subsequence for two random input sequences is reported. It runs in O(m n log p) time complexity and takes space of O(2(m + n + 1) p), where m and n are the length(More)