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Alteration in cytoskeletal organization appears to underlie mechanisms of gravity sensitivity in space-flown cells. Human T lymphoblastoid cells (Jurkat) were flown on the Space Shuttle to test the hypothesis that growth responsiveness is associated with microtubule anomalies and mediated by apoptosis. Cell growth was stimulated in microgravity by(More)
Since 1986 in vitro fertilisation and allied techniques have formed a part of the fertility service at St. James's Hospital. By June 1988 using routine methodology, IVF or GIFT has been attempted at least once in 94 women with a further 17 having one repeat procedure and 4 two repeat procedures performed. Although embryos were cultured from 54% of oocytes(More)
It is a well-worn mantra that our judicial selection process is broken, not only because senators may exercise their advice and consent power in ways that seek to direct the outcomes of Article III adjudication, but also because Presidents nominate judges with a view to bending adjudication toward their preferred policy outcomes. This Article argues that(More)
Diagnosing colon cancer in its early stages would lower the mortality rate. The cotton-top tamarin, Saguinus oedipus, serves as a model for the study of human colon cancer. This New World monkey has a high incidence of colitis and colon cancer. The mouse anti-human monoclonal antibody BR55.2, with specificity for human colon adenocarcinoma, was(More)
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