Bob L. Weber

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—The full utilization of satellite-based passive microwave imagery for weather forecasting rests on the ability to assimilate radiances into numerical weather prediction (NWP) models for highly scattering and absorbing hydrometeor states. State vector updates need to be performed rapidly enough to maintain pace with the sensor data stream and require, in(More)
In a number of observed procurements, the buyer has employed an auction format that allows for a split-award outcome. We focus on settings where the range of uncertainty regarding scale economies is large and, depending on cost realizations, the efficient allocations include split-award outcomes as well as sole-source outcomes (one active supplier). We(More)
Two independent wind profiles were measured every hour during Februa j 1986 with a five-beam, UHF (405 MHz) wind Profiler at Platteville, Colorado. Our analysis of the horizontal wind components over all heights for the entire month gave a standard deviation of about 1.3 m s-' for the measurement errors one can expect for three-beam Profilers in clear air.(More)
MOSFIRE is a unique multi-object spectrometer and imager for the Cassegrain focus of the 10 m Keck 1 telescope. A refractive optical design provides near-IR (0.97 to 2.45 Pm) multi-object spectroscopy over a 6.14' x 6.14' field of view with a resolving power of R~3,270 for a 0.7" slit width (2.9 pixels in the dispersion direction), or imaging over a field(More)
– Yearly and monthly means of chlorophyll-like pigment concentration in surface waters, derived from the CZCS (1979-1984) and SeaWiFS (1998-2003) time series, were compared for the Mediterranean Sea. Both historical records show differences in pigment concentrations (lower for SeaWiFS than for CZCS) and blooming patterns between the various sub-basins, and(More)
It has been hypothesized that predecessors of today's bryophytes significantly increased global chemical weathering in the Late Ordovician, thus reducing atmospheric CO2 concentration and contributing to climate cooling and an interval of glaciations. Studies that try to quantify the enhancement of weathering by non-vascular vegetation, however, are usually(More)