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—The full utilization of satellite-based passive microwave imagery for weather forecasting rests on the ability to assimilate radiances into numerical weather prediction (NWP) models for highly scattering and absorbing hydrometeor states. State vector updates need to be performed rapidly enough to maintain pace with the sensor data stream and require, in(More)
~300 MHz subbands, incorporated into the PSR/CX instrument, have provided one means of interference mitigation that is useful under moderately contaminated conditions. ETL has developed a new C-band spectrometer that observes emissions within relatively narrower bandwidths and is tunable from 5.8 to 7.5 GHz. The spectrometer is able to reduce the effects of(More)
Different approaches have been proposed to link high cycle fatigue properties to thermal measurements under cyclic loadings, usually referred to as " self-heating tests. " This paper focuses on two models whose parameters are tuned by resorting to self-heating tests and then used to predict high cycle fatigue properties. The first model is based upon a(More)
MOSFIRE is a unique multi-object spectrometer and imager for the Cassegrain focus of the 10 m Keck 1 telescope. A refractive optical design provides near-IR (0.97 to 2.45 Pm) multi-object spectroscopy over a 6.14' x 6.14' field of view with a resolving power of R~3,270 for a 0.7" slit width (2.9 pixels in the dispersion direction), or imaging over a field(More)
An unresolved issue in global soil moisture retrieval using passive microwave sensors is the spatial integration of heterogeneous landscape features to the nominal 50 km footprint observed by most satellite systems. One of the objectives of the Soil Moisture Experiments 2004 (SMEX04) was to address some aspects of this problem, specifically variability(More)
It has been hypothesized that predecessors of today's bryophytes significantly increased global chemical weathering in the Late Ordovician, thus reducing atmospheric CO2 concentration and contributing to climate cooling and an interval of glaciations. Studies that try to quantify the enhancement of weathering by non-vascular vegetation, however, are usually(More)
A comparison of satellite-derived carbon dioxide transfer velocities with GasEx cruise observations using a physically-based model, J. Geophys. Res., submitted. Improved near-surface temperature retrieval derived from AMSU-A and sea surface temperature observations, Ocean winds and turbulent air-sea fluxes inferred from remote sensing, Oceanography, in(More)
Heterogeneous dissipation in steel sheets due to cyclic loading is difficult to measure, especially in the transverse direction because of the high conductivity and low thickness of the sheets. The goal of this article is thus to develop an experimental protocol allowing for the dissipation field determination from infra-red thermography. The protocol is(More)