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System designers face an ever more complex set of tradeoffs in developing advanced digital systems. Transistors are getting faster, interconnect is getting slower, signal integrity issues are getting more complex, and reticle costs are exploding at an exponential rate. This paper takes a look at a unique hybrid processing approach for structured ASICs which(More)
A legend of eight heroes that connect the Age of Legend and the Age of Water. It has been several hundred years since the ocean disappeared and the world is slowly becoming a desert. In this scene Rune and three young heroes are protecting the secret they have discovered that will bring the waters again. Originally released as an online game and now slated(More)
Evidence suggests that, in the UK, the current three-year specialty training period in general practice is inadequate for equipping newly qualified GPs with mastery in all the necessary clinical and generic skills that would allow them to respond with optimum effect to the complexities and uncertainties of the generalist workplace. The North Western Deanery(More)
People with disabilities have the same rights as other members of society in directing and implementing the decisions which affect their lives, although it is not always afforded them due to physical limitations. A chance encounter by the author, a University of Western Australia mechanical engineering student, with a paraplegic man who expressed his dream(More)
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