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Application autonomy can reduce interactions with users, ease the use of the system, and decrease user distraction. On the other hand, users may feel loss of control over their applications. A further problem is that autonomous applications may not always behave in the way desired by the user. To mitigate these problems, autonomous context-aware systems(More)
One way to predict the behavior of smart home lighting is by using machine learning. Currently many methods of supervised learning that used for this problem, one of them is decision tree method. Very Fast Decision Tree (VFDT) as one of the decision tree method that has advantages in online machine learning that may useful in smart home, but there are still(More)
Smart home development has many methods that cause the rise of various smart home systems which has its own uniqueness on every system. Nevertheless, those systems could not accommodate their communication and information sharing. It causes the difficulties of collaboration on a system to another, and it makes hard to implement an existing models on a new(More)
In a smart home, main access of private room is protected from unknown resident by a smart door system. The system has to understand resident's current state to produce a securing respond that fit the situation and the context. The system also has to give a quick respond while the resident needs them in exact time. A Fuzzy control system model is(More)
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