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BACKGROUND Demand for information regarding the cost-effectiveness of health care treatment options is growing. It is necessary to derive unit costs for services, such as general practice (GP) consultations, in order to inform the economic evaluation. AIM To review the literature, provide a description of the three key steps that should be followed in the(More)
BACKGROUND Several new antibacterial drugs have been introduced in the last 10 years with the aim of improved treatment of respiratory tract infection. AIM The study set out to use repeat consultations as a measure of the outcome of antibiotic treatment for respiratory tract infection, and to develop a simple model for discussion of the cost effectiveness(More)
In the past, airports relied on a host of information systems and control applications that were loosely integrated. The software infrastructure components that supported water, heating and lighting systems did not exchange data with baggage handling applications, nor with air traffic management systems. In turn, these infrastructures were isolated from(More)
OBJECTIVE To design and test a revised data collection system for routine patient based data in the Community Hospital setting in Scotland. DESIGN A two part qualitative study was designed to identify the requirements for Community Hospital information, develop a data set to meet these requirements and pilot a proposed Community Hospital Information(More)
Next month, the Bipartisan WMD Terrorism Research Center (WMD Center) will release a report card on America’s preparedness to respond to an act of bioterrorism. This will be the first strategic, end-to-end assessment of US bioresponse capabilities—from initial detection through diagnosis, communications, development and dispensing of medical(More)
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