Bob G. DeMonbreun

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The present study evaluated four hypotheses derived from prior research and Beck's cognitive model of depression. It was predicted that depressedanxious subjects, relative to nondepressed-nonanxious and nondepressedanxious controls, would distort their immediate perception and their recall of neutrally valenced feedback, would show greater negative mood(More)
This study evaluated three hypotheses derived from a cognitive behavioral model of depression. It was predicted that clinically depressed subjects, relative to psychopathological and normal controls, would underestimate their recall of high but not of low rates of externally controlled positive feedback. Although no specific prediction was made, data were(More)
Adult males (N = 56) who differed in sexual orientation and preference were administered a self-report inventory that concerned their memory of the adolescent period of life. Six factors were assessed: Body self-concept, body weight problems, sports activities, parental relationships, interpersonal self-concept, and general self-concept. The results showed(More)
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