Bob Foster

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Chair Roberta Achtenberg called the meeting to order. The trustees and Chancellor Reed recognized Senator Jack Scott's leadership on a wide range of issues dealing with K-12 education and the state's colleges and universities. In particular, they noted and thanked Senator Scott for the central role he played in the authorization of CSU to award a Doctorate(More)
Observed warming of the earth's surface during the 20th century was in two roughly-equal tranches (each of about 0.35 0 C) in 1925-44 and 1978 to its end. In the belief that: • Global warming over the past century resulted from the human-caused emission of greenhouse gases, particularly CO 2 from the burning of fossil fuels, and that: • If the nations of(More)
This study suggests that sporadic failure of nitinol orthodontic wire is due to the presence of surface defects generated during manufacturing and not to the effects of corrosion. The flexural properties were evaluated for both control and corroded samples of nitinol wires and were not found to be statistically different. Fractured surfaces of control as(More)
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