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The social amoebae are exceptional in their ability to alternate between unicellular and multicellular forms. Here we describe the genome of the best-studied member of this group, Dictyostelium discoideum. The gene-dense chromosomes of this organism encode approximately 12,500 predicted proteins, a high proportion of which have long, repetitive amino acid(More)
Plasmodium knowlesi is an intracellular malaria parasite whose natural vertebrate host is Macaca fascicularis (the 'kra' monkey); however, it is now increasingly recognized as a significant cause of human malaria, particularly in southeast Asia. Plasmodium knowlesi was the first malaria parasite species in which antigenic variation was demonstrated, and it(More)
This study sought to determine whether positive verbal reinforcement for pain talk or well talk could effectively influence chronic pain patients' subsequent ratings of pain intensity. Four female chronic pain inpatients were each exposed over seven consecutive days to two conditions within an alternating treatments design. Inter-rater reliability analysis(More)
The authors wish to thank the program directors at the four research sites, who offered essential assistance in developing and implementing the data collection, and staff at the Mid-Atlantic Addiction Training Institute, who provided a variety of support. We also want to thank our research assistants, especially Angie Beeman, Bob White, Jeff Rowles, and(More)
This course covers important contemporary economic issues facing African-Americans. It focuses, as a requisite to understanding present-day conditions, on the historical backgrounds that helped to shape the contemporary African American experience. Topics covered in detail in this course include the African roots, the slave trade, the African Diaspora in(More)