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Shared decision-making (SDM) is a high priority in healthcare policy and is complementary to the recovery philosophy in mental health care. This agenda has been operationalised within the Values-Based Practice (VBP) framework, which offers a theoretical and practical model to promote democratic interprofessional approaches to decision-making. However, these(More)
An epidemiological approach to foster care is presented, in which two separate data sets are used to analyze issues of ethnicity and child placement. A national probability sample and a large-city sample are drawn from the 1980 Office of Civil Rights ethnic survey and from the 1980 U.S. Census in order to test several hypotheses on ethnic differences(More)
BACKGROUND A lack of opportunity to express values in nursing practice and a conflict of ideals with organisational constraints are associated with low job satisfaction and high attrition rates. AIM To explore the stories of mental health nurses to find how values influence their experience of nursing practice. METHOD Twelve participants, who had(More)
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