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Suppose that you are at a music festival checking on an artist, and you would like to quickly know about the song that is being played (e.g., title, lyrics, album, etc.). If you have a smartphone, you could record a sample of the live performance and compare it against a database of existing recordings from the artist. Services such as Shazam or SoundHound(More)
The Philips audio fingerprint[1] has been used for years, but its robustness against external noise has not been studied accurately. This paper shows the Philips fingerprint is noise resistant, and is capable of recognizing music that is corrupted by noise at a -4 to -7 dB signal to noise ratio. In addition, the drawbacks of the Philips fingerprint are(More)
Although music is typically considered a strictly auditory art form, human interaction with music consists of a much richer combination of auditory, visual, and physical experiences and responses. From traditional folk dance to classical ballet, or from the latest music videos to just getting down on the dance floor, physical movement and other visual(More)
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