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This pilot project determines the potential for growing cool climate grapes, high yield pasture and blue gum across Gippsland (Victoria), and the likely shift in that potential as projected climate change occurs in the region. It provides an indication of the information that can be generated combining land suitability analysis and climate change scenarios.(More)
Geoscience Australia is conducting a series of national risk assessments for a range of natural hazards such as severe winds. The impact of severe wind varies considerably between equivalent structures located at different sites due to local roughness of the upwind terrain, shielding provided by upwind structures and topographic factors. Terrain surface(More)
to undertake a project to examine likely future climate change and population scenarios for the whole of Australia during the 21 st Century, with the aim of investigating the effects on major road infrastructure, as represented by the Australian National Highway network. The project and final report titled " Impact of Climate Change on Road Infrastructure "(More)
Executive Summary. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Third Assessment Report published in 2001, concluded that the agriculture sector in Australia is particularly vulnerable to climate changes, with potential negative impacts on the amount of produce, quality of produce, reliability of production and on the natural resource base on which(More)
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