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The extent and intensity of pre-Columbian impacts on lowland Amazonia have remained uncertain and controversial. Various indicators can be used to gauge the impact of pre-Columbian societies, but the formation of nutrient-enriched terra preta soils has been widely accepted as an indication of long-term settlement and site fidelity. Using known and newly(More)
The present studies examined the effects of intra-ventral tegmental area (VTA) injection of SCH 23390, a dopamine (DA) D1 receptor antagonist or 7-OH-DPAT, a DA D2/3 receptor agonist, on cocaine-stimulated motor activity. Intra-VTA SCH 23390 (1.5-15 nmol/side) dose-dependently blocked cocaine-induced motor activity. Thus, 15 nmol/side SCH 23390 completely(More)
PURPOSE Q-methodology was developed to analyse subjective responses to a range of items dealing with specific topics. This article describes the use of Q-methodology and presents the results of a Q-study on perspectives on disability carried out in a training workshop as evidence for its usefulness in disability research. METHOD A Q-sort was administered(More)
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