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Representation and recognition of events in a video is important for a number of tasks such as video surveillance, video browsing and content based video indexing. This paper describes the results of a "Challenge Project on Video Event Taxonomy" sponsored by the Advanced Research and Development Activity (ARDA) of the U.S. Government in the summer and fall(More)
This paper describes a system for multimedia event detection and recounting. The goal is to detect a high level event class in unconstrained web videos and generate event oriented summarization for display to users. For this purpose, we detect informative segments and collect observations for them, leading to our ISOMER system. We combine a large collection(More)
What are the critical technical challenges in multimedia information extraction (MMIE)? There are several challenges, on several fronts. Some of these include:-Detecting events of interest in video where there is no accompanying sound or text; examples include surveillance video. Further advances in computer vision, perhaps combining multiple 2D views are(More)
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