Bob Adolf

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To-date, the application of high-performance computing resources to Semantic Web data has largely focused on commodity hardware and distributed memory platforms. In this paper we make the case that more specialized hardware can offer superior scaling and close to an order of magnitude improvement in performance. In particular we examine the Cray XMT. Its(More)
The following report summarizes the proceedings of a three-and-a-half day inter-agency workshop focused on the technical challenges of HPC resilience in the 2020 Exascale timeframe. The resilience problem is not specific to any particular program or agency; coordinated resilience solutions will be challenging because of the need for a truly integrated(More)
As semantic graph database technology grows to address components ranging from large triple stores to SPARQL endpoints over SQL-structured relational databases, it will become increasingly important to be able to understand their inherent semantic structure, whether codified in explicit ontologies or not. Our group is researching novel methods for what we(More)
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