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The increasing demand for cost reduction of data storage solutions calls for both cell-size shrink, as well as compressing more bits of data into the storage element. Yet the low cost solution is required to have fast enough write operation to fit density-hungry applications. We present an 8Gb data flash storage device based on 4b/cell NROM technology. A(More)
A 63nm Twin Flash memory cell with a size of 0.0225 mum<sup>2</sup> / 2 (4) bits is presented. The cell is proposed for data Flash products with 4 to 16 Gbit densities. To achieve small cell areas, a buried bit line and an aggressive gate length of ~100 nm are the key features of this 63nm Twin Flash cell. The cell is well capable of 2 and 4 bit operation.
With the exponential growth of digital consumer markets of digital cameras, feature phones, PDAs, personal computers, and portable digital audio/video players, there is high demand for ultrahigh density data storage flash. As the flash density increases to giga-bits (Gb), the critical dimensions are scaling down to sub-90nm. It is commonly understood that(More)
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