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We investigated the atomic geometry, electronic band structure, and optical absorption of nitrogen hyperdoped silicon based on first-principles calculations. The results show that all the paired nitrogen defects we studied do not introduce intermediate band, while most of single nitrogen defects can introduce intermediate band in the gap. Considering the(More)
The evening pre-reversal vertical drift velocity enhancement (PRE) constitutes an important seeding mechanism for the generation of F region irregularities. Ion density and drift measurements from ROCSAT-1 and DMSP satellites are used to examine the correlation of longitudi-nal/seasonal (l/s) variations in the evening pre-reversal vertical drift velocity at(More)
In fabrication of nano- and quantum devices, it is sometimes critical to position individual dopants at certain sites precisely to obtain the specific or enhanced functionalities. With first-principles simulations, we propose a method for substitutional doping of individual atom at a certain position on a stepped metal surface by single-atom manipulation. A(More)
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