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Although there are a large number of papers on secure routing in mobile ad-hoc networks, only a few consider the anonymity issue. We define more strict requirements on the anonymity and security properties of the routing protocol, and notice that previous research works only provide weak location privacy and route anonymity, and are vulnerable to specific(More)
Wireless sensor nodes lack hardware support for tamper- resistance and are often deployed in unattended environments, thus leaving them vulnerable to capture and compromise by an adversary. In a node replication attack, an adversary uses the credentials of a compromised node to surreptitiously introduce replicas of that node into the network. These replicas(More)
Populus is a model system for investigating the wood development, crown formation, and disease resistance in perennial plants. AR2/ERF is a large family of transcription factors in plant, encoding transcriptional regulators with a variety of functions involved in the developmental and physiological processes. Here, starting from database of Populus genome,(More)
As a new public key primitive, attribute-based encryption (ABE) is envisioned to be a promising tool for implementing fine-grained access control. To further address the concern of user access privacy, privacy-aware ABE schemes are being developed to achieve hidden access policy recently. For the purpose of secure access control, there is, however, still(More)
Due to the poor physical protection of sensor nodes, it is generally assumed that an adversary can capture and compromise a small number of sensors in the network. In a node replication attack, an adversary can take advantage of the credentials of a compromised node to surreptitiously introduce replicas of that node into the network. Without an effective(More)
Allopolyploidization has been a driving force in plant evolution. Formation of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) represents a classic example of successful speciation via allopolyploidy. Nevertheless, the immediate chromosomal consequences of allopolyploidization in wheat remain largely unexplored. We report here an in-depth investigation on(More)
Two lightweight block cipher families, Simon and Speck, have been proposed by researchers from the NSA recently. In this paper, we introduce Simeck, a new family of lightweight block ciphers that combines the good design components from both Simon and Speck, in order to devise even more compact and efficient block ciphers. For Simeck32/64, we can achieve(More)
The concept of cancer stem cells (CSCs) proposes that solely CSCs are capable of generating tumor metastases. However, how CSCs maintain their invasion and migration abilities, the most important properties of metastatic cells, still remains elusive. Here we used CD133 to mark a specific population from human ovarian cancer cell line and ovarian cancer(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effectiveness and safety of active mobilization on improving physical function and hospital outcomes in patients undergoing mechanical ventilation for more than 24 hours. DATA SOURCES PubMed, Embase, CINAHL, CENTRAL, Physiotherapy Evidence Database, SinoMed, and ISI Web of Knowledge were searched for randomized controlled(More)
IL-17, which exerts strong pro-inflammatory effects, has emerged as an important mediator in inflammation-associated cancer. However, the characteristics of IL-17-producing cells, the relevance of IL-17 to clinical parameters and its function in the development and progression of colorectal carcinoma still remain to be explored. In the present study, we(More)