Bo You

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Shortest path computation is one of the most fundamental operations for managing and analyzing large social networks. Though existing techniques are quite effective for finding the shortest path on large but sparse road networks, social graphs have quite different characteristics: they are generally non-spatial, non-weighted, scale-free, and they exhibit(More)
The development of highly active, cheap and robust oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) electrocatalysts to replace precious metal platinum is extremely urgent and challenging for renewable energy devices. Herein we report a novel, green and especially facile hydrogel strategy to construct N and B co-doped nanocarbon embedded with Co-based nanoparticles as an(More)
In low-power and high-density real time locating systems, time difference of arrival (TDOA) technique outperforms other ranging techniques. The realization of TDOA-based high resolution indoor localization directly depends on the performance of clock synchronization. In this paper, we introduce a clock synchronization method based on the Kalman filter. The(More)
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