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Sensor nodes, charged with battery power and capable of wireless communications, are distributed around to survey the environments and to send the needed data to the base station. The limited energy resources of sensor nodes are consumed in computation and especially in communication. To reduce power consumption for the sensor network, this paper presents a(More)
Real-time multimedia data such as video are usually loss-tolerant but require timely delivery in order to be useful to the application. Loss recovery through the retransmission of lost data may introduce unacceptable delays, which is the reason why these data types are usually delivered with no transport layer reliability, using erasure coding and similar(More)
The security issue in a distributed sensor network (DSN) has been drawing considerable research attention in recent years. Key management, a basic security service, becomes the core design for various security services, such as encryption and authentication. This paper proposes a scalable grouping random key predistribution scheme which divides all nodes(More)
In this paper, we presented the corpus collection procedure and proposed the effective feature representation. We collected the emotional speech from 50 male and 50 female speakers and the corresponding statistics of the corpus was also demonstrated. The emotional speech corpus was further processed manually for the feature extraction and classification(More)
The article develops the decision rules to win each set of the Chinese chess game using artificial intelligent and evaluation algorithm, and presents the movement scenarios of the chesses using mobile robots on the grid based platform. Artificial intelligent is often applied in computer chess game, and programs the movement method to win each set for a(More)
The article presents multiple pattern formation control of the multi-robot system using A* searching algorithm, and avoids the collision points moving on the motion platform. We use speech recognition algorithm to decide the various pattern formations, and program mobile robots to present the movement scenario on the grid-based motion platform. We have been(More)
This paper proposes a novel high step-up converter with an average mode control which is designed for power generation applications. The detailed steady-state analysis for the system is presented. According to the steady-state analysis, transfer functions of input voltage versus output voltage and duty cycle versus output voltage are obtained. In addition,(More)