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The transportation mode such as walking, cycling or on a train denotes an important characteristic of the mobile user's context. In this paper, we propose an approach to inferring a user's mode of transportation based on the GPS sensor on her mobile device and knowledge of the underlying transportation network. The transportation network information(More)
The ability of wheat to maintain a low sodium concentration ([Na(+)]) in leaves correlates with improved growth under saline conditions. This trait, termed Na(+) exclusion, contributes to the greater salt tolerance of bread wheat relative to durum wheat. To improve the salt tolerance of durum wheat, we explored natural diversity in shoot Na(+) exclusion(More)
Long interspersed element-1 (L1) is an autonomous retroelement that is active in the human genome. The proposed mechanism of insertion for L1 suggests that cleavage of both strands of genomic DNA is required. We demonstrate that L1 expression leads to a high level of double-strand break (DSB) formation in DNA using immunolocalization of gamma-H2AX foci and(More)
Consider a database that represents information about moving objects and their location. For example, for a database representing the location of taxi-cabs a typical query may be: retrieve the free cabs that are currently within 1 mile of 33 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago (to pick-up a customer). In the military, moving objects database applications arise in the(More)
Cell cycle checkpoints are among the multiple mechanisms that eukaryotic cells possess to maintain genomic integrity and minimize tumorigenesis. Ionizing irradiation (IR) induces measurable arrests in the G(1), S, and G(2) phases of the mammalian cell cycle, and the ATM (ataxia telangiectasia mutated) protein plays a role in initiating checkpoint pathways(More)
Structural maintenance of chromosomes (SMC) proteins play important roles in sister chromatid cohesion, chromosome condensation, sex-chromosome dosage compensation, and DNA recombination and repair. Protein complexes containing heterodimers of the Smc1 and Smc3 proteins have been implicated specifically in both sister chromatid cohesion and DNA(More)
Fanconi anemia (FA) and ataxia telangiectasia (AT) are clinically distinct autosomal recessive disorders characterized by spontaneous chromosome breakage and hematological cancers. FA cells are hypersensitive to mitomycin C (MMC), while AT cells are hypersensitive to ionizing radiation (IR). Here, we identify the Fanconi anemia protein, FANCD2, as a link(More)
In this paper we examine resource discovery in inter-vehicle ad-hoc networks in an urban area, where moving vehicles communicate with each other via short-range wireless transmission. Our focus is on real-time location-specific information. We explore an opportunistic approach to resource recovery, in which a vehicle obtains information about resources from(More)
Robustness is one of the most important topics for automatic speech recognition (ASR) in practical applications. Monaural speech separation based on computational auditory scene analysis (CASA) offers a solution to this problem. In this paper, a novel system is presented to separate the monaural speech of two talkers. Gaussian mixture models (GMMs) and(More)