Bo Won Chang

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Analysis of electron diffraction patterns from rat hemoglobin taken at 200 kV on a wet stage yields intensity data to a resolution of 2-3 A which are as reproducible as those from typical X-ray diffraction. Some crystals were so similar that the differences in measured intensities were insignificant (R = 0.056), but in other cases real differences between(More)
Plutonium in monthly deposition samples collected in Tsukuba (the Meteorological Research Institute), Japan from 1990 to end of 2001 is reported, together with monthly plutonium deposition in Nagasaki and Yonaguni in 2000. The annual deposition of (239,240)Pu during the period from 1990 to 2001 shows no systematic interannual variation. However, monthly(More)
This study evaluates the pulsed tunable dye laser with wavelength 504 nm, frequency 10 Hz, and pulse width 1.2 microseconds for cholelitholysis. Power of 10-40 kW was directed through a 250-microns quartz fiber optic to ablate 55 gallstones (removed from 14 patients). The fiber was positioned in direct contact with the stones under saline. Power delivery(More)
Geography plays a significant, fundamental role in shaping outcomes in human societies. Among other geographical elements, borders have significant implications"they are not only geographical figures, but also political creatures. Against previous theories that have studied border effects along with institutional differences mostly about economic(More)
Plutonium in wet and dry deposition samples collected monthly at the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS), Daejeon, Korea was determined during the period from January 2000 to August 2000. Monthly 239,240Pu deposition in Korea showed a maximum in the spring season (March to May), which was several times greater than that in Japan and corresponds to a(More)
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