Bo Wan

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In the present study, the effects of chordin‑like protein 1 (CHRDL1) overexpression, together with bone morphogenetic protein‑4 (BMP‑4) treatment, on the differentiation of rat spinal cord‑derived neural stem cells (NSCs) was investigated. Adult rat spinal cord‑derived NSCs were cultured in serum‑free medium. The recombined eukaryotic expression vector(More)
A 52-year-old man was diagnosed with general paresis, whose HIV antibodies were negative. After initiation of treatment with penicillin on the first day, no obvious clinical Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction was found. However, 6 days after treatment, the patient was found more irritable and was unable to fall asleep at night. On the seventh day, worsened(More)
PURPOSE Sertoli-cell only syndrome is one of the reasons for male infertility but its pathogenesis remains unclear. PRPS2, a subset of PRS, is reported to be a potential protein associated with Sertoli-cell only syndrome. In this study we further investigated the correlation between PRPS2 and Sertoli-cell only syndrome, and evaluated the effect of PRPS2(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of the transverse preputial island flap technique (Duckett's procedure) for hypospadias repair. METHODS A total of 356 patients with hypospadias were treated by Duckett's procedure from March 1995 to December 2010, of whom 324 (91.0%) were younger than 14 years. The length of urethra repair ranged from 1.5 to 10 cm. (More)
OBJECTIVE Studying on the routes of vas deferens to provide anatomy basis for surgical operation, especially, reconstruction of long segment loss of vas deferens. METHODS The routes of vas deferens were observed and anatomic distances along epididymal, infrainguinal, inguinal, retroperitoneal and ampullar segments of vas deferens, the distances from(More)
Seven cyclic lipopeptide biosurfactants (1-7) were isolated for the first time from the fermentation broth of endophytic Bacillus clausii DTM1 and were identified as anteisoC13[Val7] surfactin-(L-Glu)-O-methyl-ester (1), anteisoC12[Val7] surfactin (2), anteisoC15[Val7] surfactin (3), isoC14[Leu7] surfactin (4), anteisoC12[Leu7] surfactin (5), nC13[Leu7](More)
Two new resorcylic acid lactones, 13-hydroxyhidroresorcylide (1) and 12-hydroxyhidroresorcylide (2), along with four known congeners (3-6) were isolated from Saccharicola bicolor, an endophytic fungus from Bergenia purpurascens. Their structures were elucidated by interpretation of the spectroscopic evidence.
Recent studies have reported that caspase 7 has an apoptotic and nonapoptotic function. However, the relationship between caspase 7 and spermatogenesis remains unknown. This study aimed to investigate the possible function of caspase 7 during normal and abnormal spermatogenesis. The cleaved form of caspase 7 was detected in testis tissues at different(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the role of the HoxA13 gene from the HOX family in the development of hypospadias by detecting the transcription and expression of HoxA13 in the prepuce and urethral plate of hypospadias patients. METHODS We collected the tissues from the prepuce and urethral plate of 30 hypospadias patients aged 3.3 - 11.6 years, the prepuce of(More)