Bo-Sture K. Skagerstam

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Using a consistent quantum-mechanical treatment for the electromagnetic radiation, we theoretically investigate the magnetic spin-flip scatterings of a neutral two-level atom trapped in the vicinity of a superconducting body. We derive a simple scaling law for the corresponding spin-flip lifetime for such an atom trapped near a superconducting thick slab.(More)
In papers by Lynch [Phys. Rev. A41, 2841 (1990)] and Gerry and Urbanski [Phys. Rev. A42, 662 (1990)] it has been argued that the phase-fluctuation laser experiments of Gerhardt, Büchler and Lifkin [Phys. Lett. 49A, 119 (1974)] are in good agreement with the variance of the Pegg-Barnett phase operator for a coherent state, even for a small number of photons.(More)
We investigate the possibility of interference effects induced by a macroscopic quantum-mechanical superposition of almost orthogonal coherent states a Schrödinger cat state in a resonant microcavity. Despite the fact that a single atom, used as a probe of the cat state, on the average only change the mean number of photons by one unit, we show that this(More)
We study a nonlinear convective-diffusive equation, local in space and time, which has its background in the dynamics of the thickness of a wetting film. The presence of a nonlinear diffusion predicts the existence of fronts as well as shock fronts. Despite the absence of memory effects, solutions in the case of pure nonlinear diffusion exhibit an anomalous(More)
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