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Plants provide a promising expression platform for producing recombinant proteins with several advantages in terms of high expression level, lower production cost, scalability, and safety and environment-friendly. Molecular pharming has been recognized as an emerging industry with strategic importance that could play an important role in economic(More)
Keywords: Parametric adaptive detection Rao test Partially homogeneous environment Range spread target a b s t r a c t In this paper we deal with the problem of detecting a multi-channel signal of range-spread target in the presence of Gaussian disturbance with an unknown covariance matrix. In particular, we consider the so-called partially homogeneous(More)
BACKGROUND Lipolytic enzymes are commonly used to produce desired flavors in lipolyzed milkfat (LMF) manufacturing processes. However, the choice of enzyme is critical because it determines the final profile of fatty acids released and the consequent flavor of the product. We previously constructed a metagenomic library from marine sediments, to explore the(More)
Macrophages are vital for host defense against microbial infections. We have previously shown that infection of macrophages with a nonpathogenic strain of Escherichia coli induces apoptosis rapidly. Here, we demonstrate that infection of macrophages results in the activation of caspases prior to the induction of the intrinsic apoptosis pathway. Caspases 9(More)