Bo S. Lindberg

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The C/EBPalpha transcription factor is required for differentiation of adipocytes and neutrophil granulocytes, and controls cellular proliferation in vivo. To address the molecular mechanisms of C/EBPalpha action, we have identified C/EBPalpha mutants defective in repression of E2F-dependent transcription and found them to be impaired in their ability to(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopic procedures using electrohydraulic lithotripsy (EHL) or intraductal laser lithotripsy (ILL) are the methods of choice for managing difficult common bile duct (CBD) stones. This retrospective study examined 10 years of Swedish experience using a mother-baby endoscopic system to assist in the fragmentation of CBD stones by EHL and ILL. (More)
OBJECTIVE There are no specific biomarkers available for the definitive diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Analysis of D-glucuronic acid (GlcUA) in bile could be valuable in this regard. MATERIALS AND METHODS Bile samples obtained from patients with pancreatic cancer (n = 4), chronic pancreatitis (n = 3) and control patients with biliary obstruction (n = 10)(More)
The utility of (1)H MR spectroscopy in detecting chronic cholestasis has been investigated. The amide proton region of the (1)H MR spectrum of human bile plays a major role in differentiating cholestatic (Ch) patterns from the normal ones. Bile obtained from normal bile ducts contains both taurine and glycine conjugates of bile acids--cholic acid (CA),(More)
Stability of personality characteristics with increasing age was analyzed in a Swedish longitudinal study using a modified version of the Rod-and-Frame Test. This test was analyzed in a serial manner in order to emphasize cognitive style. Two important findings emerged. First, during the 6 years between the ages of 67 and 73, 80% of the study participants(More)
Upsala läkareförening (The Upsala Medical Society) was founded in 1832 on the initiative of Professor Israel Hwasser, who was the chairman of the society until his death in 1860. The aims of the society were to promote medical science and create an atmosphere of friendship and collegiality among members of the faculty of medicine, medical students, and(More)
All pensioners in a primary care district (n=142) participating in a multi-disciplinary population study were followed from 67 years of age to the age of 87 with regard to survival. A multivariate survival analysis of psychological and social factors and medical symptoms at 67 years of age was used to test the relationship between such data and survival.(More)