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Quality of Government
The authors argue that the concept of quality of government should be best understood as that of having impartial government institutions. This definition avoids functionalism, ignores the contentsExpand
The State and Social Capital: An Institutional Theory of Generalized Trust
The purpose of this article is to present an alternative theory on the generation of social capital. In the discussion about the sources of social capital it has been stressed that generalized trustExpand
Why Anticorruption Reforms Fail—Systemic Corruption as a Collective Action Problem
With an increased awareness of the detrimental effects of corruption on development, strategies to fight it are now a top priority in policy circles. Yet, in countries ridden with systemicExpand
Social Traps and the Problem of Trust
1. Reflections after a very long day in Moscow 2. On the rational choice of culture 3. On the theory and practice of social capital 4. Social capital in the social democratic welfare state 5. How isExpand
Making and Breaking Social Capital
Since the debate about the importance of social capital and civil society for the quality of democracy began, Scandinavia has caused problems. Observers have been bewildered by an allegedlyExpand
What Is Quality of Government? A Theory of Impartial Government Institutions
The recent growth in research on "good governance" and the quality of government institutions has been propelled by empirical findings that show that such institutions may hold the key toExpand
Trust, Social Dilemmas and Collective Memories
What does it take to move a society from an inefficient equilibrium, characterized by low social capital, distrust and inefficient legal and political institutions, to the opposite situation? TheExpand
Social Capital in the Social Democratic Welfare State
The strength of the Swedish Social Democracy implies that Sweden is a critical case for theory about social capital. First, what is the relation between the encompassing welfare programs and socialExpand
Anti-corruption: the indirect ‘big bang’ approach
ABSTRACT In policies for economic development, anti-corruption measures have received increased attention. The policy advice from the international “good governance regime”, which is based on theExpand
All for One: Equality, Corruption, and Social Trust
The importance of social trust has become widely accepted in the social sciences. A number of explanations have been put forward for the stark variation in social trust among countries. Among these,Expand