Bo Ram Lee

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BACKGROUND Impairment of cognitive function is often present in patients with carotid artery stenosis but the details of this dysfunction have rarely been reported. Our purpose was to elucidate the cognitive dysfunction in patients with unilateral severe carotid stenosis using comprehensive neuropsychological testing, and also to identify the specific(More)
DNA methylation is widespread in most species, from bacteria to mammals, and is crucial for genomic imprinting, gene expression, and embryogenesis. DNA methylation occurs via two major classes of enzymatic reactions: maintenance-type methylation catalyzed by DNA (cytosine-5-)-methyltransferase (DNMT) 1, and de novo methylation catalyzed by DNMT 3 alpha(More)
BACKGROUND The embryonic developmental process in avian species is quite different from that in mammals. The first cleavage begins 4 h after fertilization, but the first differentiation does not occur until laying of the egg (Eyal-Giladi and Kochav (EK) stage X). After 12 to 13 h of incubation (Hamburger and Hamilton (HH) stage 3), the three germ layers(More)
As the foundation of energy industry moves towards gas, flow assurance technology preventing pipelines from hydrate blockages becomes increasingly significant. However, the principle of hydrate inhibition is still poorly understood. Here, we examined natural hydrophobic amino acids as novel kinetic hydrate inhibitors (KHIs), and investigated hydrate(More)
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak or shunt overdrainage is a well-known cause of orthostatic headaches and low CSF pressures. We report two cases of orthostatic headache with pneumocephalus on brain imaging. The orthostatic headache developed after drainage of spinal operation site and epidural block. Brain MRI revealed characteristic findings of CSF(More)
We report unusual MRI findings (including those from diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI)) in a patient with recurrent Wernicke's encephalopathy with a remarkable cerebellar lesion. DWI showed high signal intensities in the superior portion of the cerebellar hemisphere and vermis area. After thiamine administration, clinical symptoms improved and the lesions(More)
We describe here a simple synthetic strategy for the fabrication of carbon-coated Fe3O4 (Fe3O4@C) particles using a single-component precursor, iron (III) diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid complex. Physicochemical analyses revealed that the core of the synthesized particles consists of ferromagnetic Fe3O4 material ranging several hundred nanometers,(More)
Primary endobronchial schwannomas are extremely rare tumors that originate from Schwann cells. We report a case of primary endobronchial schwannoma. A 44-year-old woman, without respiratory symptoms, was presented with a nodule in the left main bronchus on her chest computed tomography scan. The nodule was removed by a rigid bronchoscopy with argon plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Primordial germ cells (PGCs), the precursors of functional gametes, have distinct characteristics and exhibit several unique molecular mechanisms to maintain pluripotency and germness in comparison to somatic cells. They express germ cell-specific RNA binding proteins (RBPs) by modulating tissue-specific cis- and trans-regulatory elements.(More)
Phentermine is structurally similar to methamphetamine and is widely used as an anti-obesity drug in the USA and many other countries. The potential for reward of phentermine has been noted; however, the mechanisms of phentermine dependence have not been established. Here, we investigated the rewarding and dopaminergic behavioral responses to phentermine in(More)