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Model-based analysis of ChIP-seq (MACS) is a computational algorithm that identifies genome-wide locations of transcription/chromatin factor binding or histone modification from ChIP-seq data. MACS consists of four steps: removing redundant reads, adjusting read position, calculating peak enrichment and estimating the empirical false discovery rate (FDR).(More)
In 2010, Fan et al. presented an anonymous multi-receiver identity-based encryption scheme where they adopt Lagrange interpolating polynomial mechanism. They showed that their scheme makes it impossible for an attacker or any other message receiver to derive the identity of a message receiver such that the privacy of every receiver can be guaranteed. They(More)
The transcription factor HIF1A is a key mediator of the cellular response to hypoxia. Despite the importance of HIF1A in homeostasis and various pathologies, little is known about how it regulates RNA polymerase II (RNAPII). We report here that HIF1A employs a specific variant of the Mediator complex to stimulate RNAPII elongation. The Mediator-associated(More)
AIMS To explore the association of microbial community structure with the development of eutrophication in a large shallow freshwater lake, Lake Taihu. METHODS AND RESULTS The bacterial and archaeal assemblages in sediments of different lake areas were analysed using denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) of amplified 16S rDNA fragments. The(More)
CYP51 sterol demethylases are the only cytochrome P450 enzymes with a conserved function across the animal, fungal, and plant kingdoms (in the synthesis of essential sterols). These highly conserved enzymes, which are important targets for cholesterol-lowering drugs, antifungal agents, and herbicides, are regarded as the most ancient member cytochrome P450(More)
Human enterovirus 71 (EV71) is the major pathogen that causes hand, foot and mouth disease that particularly affects young children. Growing hand, foot and mouth disease outbreaks were observed worldwide in recent years and caused devastating losses both economically and politically. However, vaccines or effective drugs are unavailable to date. The genome(More)
The increase of ultraviolet radiation (UVR, 280–400 nm) caused by stratospheric ozone depletion has profound effects on aquatic ecosystems. High-altitude lakes in the Yunnan Plateau are exposed to high intensities of UVR and contain low concentrations of chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM). Thirty-eight lakes in the Yunnan Plateau with elevations(More)
Isoprene is an aviation fuel of high quality and an important polymer building block in the synthetic chemistry industry. In light of high oil prices, sustained availability, and environmental concerns, isoprene from renewable materials is contemplated as a substitute for petroleum-based product. Escherichia coli with advantages over other wild(More)
Aggregate signatures allow an efficient algorithm to aggregate n signatures of n distinct messages from n different users into one single signature. The resulting aggregate signature can convince a verifier that the n users did indeed sign the n messages. This feature is very attractive for authentications in bandwidth-limited applications such as reverse(More)