Bo.M. Vinther

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A new Greenland Ice Core Chronology (GICC05) based on multi-parameter counting of annual layers has been obtained for the last 42 ka. Here we compare the glacial part of the new time scale, which is based entirely on records from the NorthGRIP ice core, to existing time scales and reference horizons covering the same period. These include the GRIP and(More)
A total of 494 children with an average age of 3 1/2 years were studied with a view to elucidating the frequency of both acute and secretory otitis media and their relationship, if any, to a number of social factors. Of the children, 41% had had at least one attack of otitis media, in 49% of these associated with aural discharge. 70% of the children were(More)
To assess the effect of day-care conditions on the occurrence of middle ear infection, 681 children, aged 3-4 yr, were investigated. The investigation comprised an interview with one of the parents, a case history was taken, and a physical examination including tympanometry. At that time 76% of the children had been in day-care away from their homes and(More)
Sinusitis is frequently occurring in HIV-infected patients, but in a substantial number of cases the etiology is unknown. The purpose of this study was by PCR 1) to determine the prevalence of the eight human herpesviruses in sinus aspirates from 24 HIV-positive/AIDS patients with sinusitis 2) to relate the presence of herpesvirus DNA to clinical and(More)
The clinical effect and the side effects of a new steroid, Fluocortin butylester (FCB) in the topical treatment of hay fever was studied in a double-blind trial. The drug was administered by inhalation of a fine powder through a special inhalator (Rhinolator). The material comprised 31 patients, and the treatment period was three weeks. There was a highly(More)
A comparison between a plain steroid lotion and a steroid lotion with an additional keratolytic and antiseptic was conducted in order to assess the value, if any, of additives in the treatment of dry external otitis. Sixty patients with dry external otitis were treated with either a plain steroid lotion or a steroid lotion with additives. Assessments were(More)
The effect of fluocortin butylester (FCB) in the topical treatment of perennial rhinitis was investigated in a double-blind study using a cross-over technique. The daily dose was 4 mg. Of the 30 patients who completed the trial, 26 had either allergy or nasal eosinophilia. 20 of the 30 patients preferred FCB to placebo. Moreover, there was a positive, but(More)
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