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This investigation describes the expression and interindividual variability in transcript levels of multiple drug efflux systems in the human jejunum and compares the expression profiles in these cells with that of the commonly used Caco-2 cell drug absorption model. Transcript levels of ten-drug efflux proteins of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter(More)
Vector-based RNAi was used to establish a stable Caco-2 cell line with a persistent knockdown of multidrug resistant gene 1 (MDR1) and P-glycoprotein (P-gp). Several positive clones were collected, many of which showed significantly reduced levels of MDR1 mRNA and P-gp compared to wt Caco-2 cells. Selected clones were sub-cultivated for six passages and(More)
Measurements of the radiance and degree of polarization made in 1971 in the Mediterranean Sea are presented along with the simulation of all observed quantities by a Monte Carlo technique. It is shown that our independent scattering treatment utilizing a Stokes vector formalism to describe the polarization state of the light field produces remarkably good(More)
C57B1/6 male mice were exposed through their diet to 11 dicarboxylic acids, carboxylic acids and diethyldicarboxylesters for 10 days. For the diacids and diethylesters this treatment resulted in a chain length-dependent induction of lauryl-CoA oxidase and cyanide-insensitive palmitoyl-CoA oxidation activities. A chain length of 12 carbon atoms or more(More)
As part of an effort to broaden the applicability and efficiency of microcarrier cell culture various alternative new microcarriers were synthesized. The microcarriers were compared as substrates for the growth of several types of cells and with respect to binding of proteins from the culture medium. Cross-linked dextran has been found to be the most(More)
Cancers have dysfunctional redox regulation resulting in reactive oxygen species production, damaging both DNA and free dNTPs. The MTH1 protein sanitizes oxidized dNTP pools to prevent incorporation of damaged bases during DNA replication. Although MTH1 is non-essential in normal cells, we show that cancer cells require MTH1 activity to avoid incorporation(More)
In order to investigate the molecular mechanism of the antineoplastic effects exerted by the antidepressive agents imipramine, clomipramine, and citalopram, we examined the effects of these compounds on cell viability, generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), and mitochondrial membrane potential (DeltaPsi(m)) in human acute myeloid leukemia HL-60 cells.(More)
PURPOSE To obtain a model suitable for evaluation of the anterior chamber depth (ACD) maintaining capacity of viscoelastic substances--a critical parameter in cataract surgery. METHODS ACD was estimated using an anterior segment analysis system (EAS-1000, Nidek Co Ltd, Japan). Variation was studied as an effect of batch number and eye within batch,(More)
1. Male mice were fed a diet containing perfluoro fatty acids of varying chain length (i.e. perfluoroacetic, -butyric, -octanoic and -decanoic acids) at different doses (0.02 or 0.1% w/w of diet) for different periods of time (2-10 days), and effects on liver weight, hepatic mitochondrial protein and hepatic peroxisomal palmitoyl-CoA oxidation, lauroyl-CoA(More)
The present study was undertaken to characterize effects of selenium (Se) deficiency on 16 enzymes recovered in either one or more of the subcellular fractions of rat liver (as a basis for future studies on the mechanisms underlying the observed changes). Male rats were fed a Torula-yeast based diet with 0.23 mg Se/kg or the same diet with 0.009 mg Se/kg,(More)