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For genetic analysis of Ppd-1 homoeologs controlling photoperiodic response of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), bulk segregant analysis was performed using a doubled haploid (DH) population derived from a cross of Japanese wheat genotypes Winter-Abukumawase and Chihokukomugi. Based on the segregation of simple sequence repeat markers linked to the Ppd-1(More)
Regenerative braking provides an effective way of extending the driving range of battery powered electric vehicles (EVs). This paper analyzes the equivalent power circuit and operation principles of an EV using regenerative braking control technology. During the braking period, the switching sequence of the power converter is controlled to inverse the(More)
Although anaplasmosis cases have been nationally identified in China, no human isolates of A. phagocytophilum have been obtained, which limits the analysis of any molecular and genetic contributions to patients' severe clinical manifestations and the study of the bacteria's pathogeneses in China. Given this situation, a joint project was conducted in(More)
The effects of seed maturity, media type, carbon source, and organic nutrient additives on seed germination, protocorm development, and plant growth of Paphiopedilum villosum var. densissimum Z. J. Liu et S. C. Chen were investigated. Micropropagation frequency was enhanced through the use of 200-day-old seed, Knudson C (KC) medium, and the presence of both(More)
The formic acid catalyzed gas-phase reaction between H(2)O and SO(3) and its reverse reaction are respectively investigated by means of quantum chemical calculations at the CCSD(T)//B3LYP/cc-pv(T+d)z and CCSD(T)//MP2/aug-cc-pv(T+d)z levels of theory. Remarkably, the activation energy relative to the reactants for the reaction of H(2)O with SO(3) is lowered(More)
A thorough theoretical study of the relative energies of various molecular Fe·4O isomers with different oxidation states of both Fe and O atoms is presented, comparing simple Hartree-Fock through many Kohn-Sham approximations up to extended coupled cluster and DMRG multiconfiguration benchmark methods. The ground state of Fe·4O is a singlet, hexavalent(More)
The main objective of the present work is to apply a sliding mode controller (SMC) to medium voltage and high power output energy recovery Li-ion power accumulator battery pack testing systems (ERLPABTSs), which are composed of a three-level neutral-point-clamped (NPC) three-phase voltage source inverter (VSI) and a two-level buck-boost converter without an(More)
Today’s battery powered electric vehicles still face many issues: (1) Ways of improving the regenerative braking energy; (2) how to maximally extend the driving-range of electric vehicles (EVs) and prolong the service life of batteries; (3) how to satisfy the energy requirements of the EVs both in steady and dynamic state. The electrochemical double-layer(More)
In this paper, aiming at the energy loss and harmonic problems in the conventional power accumulator battery pack testing system (PABPTS), an improved multi-functional energy recovery PABPTS (ERPABPTS) for electric vehicles (EVs) was proposed. The improved system has the functions of harmonic detection, suppression, reactive compensation and energy(More)
High voltage pulse sterilization is a new type of non-thermal sterilization technology whose mechanism is that high intensity pulsed electric field can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria instantaneously, so as to induce bacterial death. Considering the harmfulness of biological slime or biofouling to the circulating cooling water system which is produced(More)