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The treatment of infections is increasingly compromised by the ability of bacteria to develop resistance to antibiotics through mutations or through the acquisition of resistance genes. Antibiotic resistance genes also have the potential to be used for bio-terror purposes through genetically modified organisms. In order to facilitate the identification and(More)
volume 30 number 5 may 2012 nature biotechnology 24 repeat units for recognition of a specific set of 24 contiguous nucleotides at the target sites (Supplementary Fig. 1). For each pair of TALEN genes, one TALEN gene (half of the pair) was under the control of the 35S promoter of cauliflower mosaic virus and the other gene was driven by the maize ubiquitin(More)
The Cas9/sgRNA of the CRISPR/Cas system has emerged as a robust technology for targeted gene editing in various organisms, including plants, where Cas9/sgRNA-mediated small deletions/insertions at single cleavage sites have been reported in transient and stable transformations, although genetic transmission of edits has been reported only in Arabidopsis and(More)
The goal of the Grid Application Development Software (GrADS) Project is to provide programming tools and an execution environment to ease program development for the Grid. This paper presents recent extensions to the GrADS software framework: a new approach to scheduling workflow computations, applied to a 3-D image reconstruction application; a simple(More)
The woodland strawberry, Fragaria vesca (2n = 2x = 14), is a versatile experimental plant system. This diminutive herbaceous perennial has a small genome (240 Mb), is amenable to genetic transformation and shares substantial sequence identity with the cultivated strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) and other economically important rosaceous plants. Here we(More)
Both parallel MRI and compressed sensing (CS) are emerging techniques to accelerate conventional MRI by reducing the number of acquired data. The combination of parallel MRI and CS for further acceleration is of great interest. In this paper, we propose a novel method to combine sensitivity encoding (SENSE), one of the standard methods for parallel MRI, and(More)
Online advertising allows advertisers to only bid and pay for measurable user responses, such as clicks on ads. As a consequence, click prediction systems are central to most online advertising systems. With over 750 million daily active users and over 1 million active advertisers, predicting clicks on Facebook ads is a challenging machine learning task. In(More)
Viruses within the genus Norovirus of the family Caliciviridae are the major cause of acute, nonbacterial gastroenteritis worldwide. Human noroviruses are genetically diverse, with up to 57% divergence in capsid protein sequences, and comprise three genogroups. The significance of such genetic diversity is not yet understood. The discovery of murine(More)
In [9], we presented a modified version of Ant-Miner (i.e. Ant-Miner2), where the core computation heuristic value was based on a simple density estimation heuristic. In this paper, we present a further study and introduce another ant-based algorithm, which uses a different pheromone updating strategy and state transition rule. By comparison with the work(More)
Clustering is a fundamental operation in the analysis of biological sequence data. New DNA sequencing technologies have dramatically increased the rate at which we can generate data, resulting in datasets that cannot be efficiently analyzed by traditional clustering methods. This is particularly true in the context of taxonomic profiling of microbial(More)