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Altered ecosystem carbon and nitrogen cycles by plant invasion: a meta-analysis.
Plant invasion potentially alters ecosystem carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycles. However, the overall direction and magnitude of such alterations are poorly quantified. Here, 94 experimental studiesExpand
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Invasive alien plants in China: diversity and ecological insights
China’s current invasive alien plant species were analyzed with regard to their floristic status, biological attributes and invasion status elsewhere. Most of the 270 species identified were annuals,Expand
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Responses of ecosystem carbon cycle to experimental warming: a meta-analysis.
Global warming potentially alters the terrestrial carbon (C) cycle, likely feeding back to further climate warming. However, how the ecosystem C cycle responds and feeds back to warming remainsExpand
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Neural-network-based motor rolling bearing fault diagnosis
Neural networks can be effective agents in the diagnosis of various motor bearing faults through the measurement and interpretation of motor bearing vibration signatures. Expand
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Managing Wetland Habitats for Waterbirds: An International Perspective
The loss and degradation of wetlands worldwide has adversely affected waterbirds, which depend on wetland habitats. Many studies have indicated that effectively managed wetlands can provideExpand
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Responses of ecosystem nitrogen cycle to nitrogen addition: a meta-analysis.
• Anthropogenic nitrogen (N) addition may substantially alter the terrestrial N cycle. However, a comprehensive understanding of how the ecosystem N cycle responds to external N input remainsExpand
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Rethinking China's new great wall
Massive seawall construction in coastal wetlands threatens biodiversity China's position as the world's second largest economy is largely due to its rapid economic growth in the coastal region, whichExpand
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Litter pool sizes, decomposition, and nitrogen dynamics in Spartina alterniflora-invaded and native coastal marshlands of the Yangtze Estuary
Past studies have focused primarily on the effects of invasive plants on litter decomposition at soil surfaces. In natural ecosystems, however, considerable amounts of litter may be at aerial andExpand
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The effects of plantation practice on soil properties based on the comparison between natural and planted forests: a meta-analysis
Aim  The effects of planted forests on soils are of great concern in the context of the increasing demands for timber production and atmospheric CO2 sequestration. However, the effects of plantationsExpand
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Latitudinal variation in plant size and relative growth rate in Arabidopsis thaliana
Abstract Latitude is an important determinant of local environmental conditions that affect plant growth. Forty ecotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana were selected from a wide range of latitudes (fromExpand
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