Bo Kyung Huh

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A video see-through head mounted display (HMD) has a different viewing point than does the real eye, resulting in visual displacement (VD). VD deteriorates visuomotor performance due to sensory conflict. Previous work has investigated this deterioration and human adaptation by comparing fixed VD and real eye conditions. In this study we go a step further to(More)
This paper focuses on designing an affective user interface for public transparent displays in a shop context. In order to maintain harmonious view and satisfactory experience, the relationship between the information and transparency needs to be considered. Therefore, in this paper, we investigate different levels of transparency for determining their(More)
This study explores the contextual transparency of information presented on public transparent user interfaces through the maintenance of adequate legibility. To address this issue, we investigate the relationship between the information and transparency in a shop context. In this paper, we present an experiment which examines the effects of transparency,(More)
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