Bo Jarneving

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This paper builds on previous research concerned with the classification and specialty mapping of research fields. Two methods are put to test in order to decide if significant differences as to mapping results of the research front of a science field occur when compared. The first method was based on document co-citation analysis where papers citing(More)
This paper deals with two document-document similarity approaches in the context of science mapping: bibliographic coupling and a text approach based on the number of common abstract stems. We used 43 articles, published in the journal Information Retrieval, as test articles. An information retrieval expert performed a classification of these articles. We(More)
The method of author cocitation analysis (ACA) was first presented by White and Griffith in 1981 as a “literature measure of intellectual structure” and its applicability for the mapping of areas of science has since then been tested in various bibliometric science mapping studies. In this study, an experimental method of calculating the first or single(More)