Bo-I Chuang

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The purpose was to identify the A1 pulley's exact location and thickness by comparing measurements from a clinical high-frequency ultrasound scanner system (CHUS), a customized high-frequency ultrasound imaging research system (HURS) and a digital caliper. Ten cadaveric hands were used. We explored the pulley by layers, inserted guide pins and scanned it(More)
Trigger finger has become a prevalent disease that greatly affects occupational activity and daily life. Ultrasound imaging is commonly used for the clinical diagnosis of trigger finger severity. Due to image property variations, traditional methods cannot effectively segment the finger joint's tendon structure. In this study, an adaptive texture-based(More)
In billet production, the quality of billet is an important issue to assure. In this study, we proposed an automatic inspection system to locate and classify defects for billet. The proposed system is consisted of three modules: (1) image processing and defect location, (2) feature extraction and selection, (3) incremental learning classifier. In the first(More)
BACKGROUND Tendon motion, which is commonly observed using ultrasound imaging, is one of the most important features used in tendinopathy diagnosis. However, speckle noise and out-of-plane issues make the tracking process difficult. Manual tracking is usually time consuming and often yields inconsistent results between users. METHODS To automatically(More)
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